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re: Ok, So you want to apply...


Please note, if we are not currently recruiting your class, feel free to post an application - we are always looking for exceptional applicants!

About us
The Officers and core founders raided in "hardcore" raid guilds, and decided the atmosphere and play style was not what we envisioned our gameplay to be, so we created this guild. We like to maintain a friendly and fun atmosphere in our raids. No point in playing a game if you're not having fun, right? But we still uphold many of the beliefs of a hardcore progression guild including raid effectiveness, geming/enchanting, consumables, and players being able to maximize themselves for each boss attempt.

With that said, we are not a "hardcore, progression guild" nor will we ever claim to be. We don't expect to fight and bleed for server firsts and world ranks, but we do expect progression and glory to come with our raid style. Which is short, but effectively spent raid time in a fun and friendly atmosphere.

Feel free to also read the "Applicants - some things to note" thread in this same forum.

What we expect

We are some of Aerie Peak's Finest, so we expect gear to be gemmed, reforged and enchanted with the best option that works for your class and the position you will be playing.

Flasks, pots, and food are all required. You WILL have and use these for every attempt. With dailies gold is now extremely easy to obtain, if you have a problem with this, try selling naked gnomes dances in Stormwind. And even more so with the guild perks, cauldrons and other fancy commodities Cataclysm introduced takes care of it's raiders, providing most of the consumables and item enchantements you will ever need!

We also expect you to read and research about the encounters on your own and be ready for raids with us from day one. The Officers are not here to hold your hand as you raid with us.

Raid Times
OK, to put it simply, we are keeping it flexible. Burnout is not a valid option for us. We foremost play to have fun, so we want to make raiding as much fun as possible.

Raid times are as follows:
- 6-9:30PM EST Friday & Saturday
- raid invites start 15 minutes prior, we want to be able to start pulling at 7PM sharp.

Guild Policies
A detailed summary of everything and anything guild related can be found here!

We won't just look at how "good" your gear is or how "good" your app says you are (this applies to people with amazing gear, not terrible gear...). We want to know that you can perform your role in a party situation. So every applicant we are interested in will be tested and "Tried Out" in a party/raid/whatever the officers deem best. Then, will we discuss your possible joining of our guild.

Any questions feel free to talk to one of our officers through IN-GAME MAIL ONLY:
Eneia, Tahlos or Showan.

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